Steel Boned Corsets

Steel Boned Corsets – the finest British corsetry

Steel Boned CorsetsWe only offer steel boned corsets in both our bespoke and couture work, because we know that our clients want the highest possible quality. Waist reducing corsets can only be made with steel because nylon and rigilene are simply not sturdy enough to produce a high quality, tightlacing corset without warping.

Although we hark back to Victorian corsets for our inspiration, bringing a modern twist to them means that we can use a combination of spiral steel boning, developed in the early 20th century, and Victorian rigid steel boning to ensure comfort, superb fit and an astonishing look. Our corsetiere has huge experience with pattern cutting and traditional corsetry manufacture and adapts every design to meet your needs.

Every garment is custom-made at ACSWs British designer corset studio, which means that we can be certain that the quality of our work is second to none. We source all fabrics, coutil, boning, busks and accessories ourselves to ensure your corset will always keep you in shape.

Why invest in anything less than the best in British corsetry?


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