Waist Cinchers

Waist Cinchers – for wasp waists and showing off!

Waist cincher corsets - Bespoke and BritishThe waist cincher corset was originally intended as underwear, to provide the hourglass figure many women aspired to. However, we think this small but potentially beautiful piece of corsetry has been overlooked. Our waist cinchers do the practical job of shaping comfortably and can be worn all day. Over tailored clothing, they can be the focus of a bespoke gown or outfit. Under a wedding dress, they will ensure your shape looks amazing to your guests, and will be a beautiful surprise for your partner once you’ve escaped for the evening!

Waist cinchers, can be decorative pieces which we can embroider or bead and are to be worn over your gown, or made from luxurious silks to give you a shapely silhouette under your dress without it being visible. We can also make matching boudoir pants to give you a wedding night ensemble once the dress comes off!

Click through to see examples of our Waist Cincher Corsets.

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