Alternative Wedding Dresses

The Alternative to Bridal Gowns – be different!

Alternative Bridalwear, Corsets and Wedding DressesWe are proud to design alternative wedding dresses and love the fact that we are alternative couturiers. Whatever type of gown or corset you decide on, with our skills you can genuinely be different. It is your special day so its essential that you feel and look special. A wedding dress from us will bring your unique look to your day.

Alternative wedding dresses don’t have to be scary and black, or spiky and edgy (unless you want it to, of course – we love spiky and edgy black wedding dresses!), but it does mean that you don’t want to conform to the bridal stereotype. You want your wedding to be as individual as you are and your wedding dress to reflect that.

Consider dropping the uniform, white frocks and find the alternative. Make your wedding dress just that little bit different. The only limitation is your imagination.

We encourage our brides to collect images, swatches, trims, anything which excites them and explains their ideas. If you want to, draw something to show us: you won’t be marked on your artistic abilities –¬† its all about translating your ideas. Bring us films, poems or music. Bring you. We can work from there!

Whether you have a theme, or a particular period in time you are drawn to, we love tackling a new project and relish the prospect of getting involved with an idea we haven’t realised before.

If you’re unsure about the possibilities, browse through our Vintage portfolio, and see some of our real brides. Click through for all of our Alternative Wedding Dresses and Bridalwear.

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