Corset Styles and Options

Corset Styles and Wedding Gowns

From a beautifully cut and embroidered waist cincher over a tailored shirt and skirt, to a complete corset dress, the options are endless. It is down to you to decide but you will enjoy the advice and guidance of our expert wedding designer and corsetiere – Lindsay.

Waist Cinchers Bespoke Bridal CoutureWaist Cincher Corsets

The perfect waist cincher corset harks back to the glamourous 50’s when a wasp waist was a must. It is a beautiful piece to enhance your shape and give detail to your wedding gown. Either as an individual piece, co-ordinated with your outfit, or as part of a complete bridal couture ensemble, we will realise your dreams.

Under-bust Corsets and Wedding CoutureUnderbust Corsets

Slightly lower over the hips than the waist cincher, the underbust corset will enhance your figure to create you a beautiful shape and give you support. Again, an underbust corset can either be provided as a one off foundation garment, or as part of a fully bespoke wedding outfit, tailored precisely to fit you, and only you.

Overbust Corsets - Bespoke Bridal CorsetryOverbust Corsets

Overbust corsets do exactly what they say – they come from the hips, cinch at the waist and up and over the bust, usually in a simple line across the cleavage. However, both the bust and hip line can, of course, be adapted to your design and body shape. If you want a corset as a foundation garment under your dress, then come to see us early so you will have your completed corset in time for dress fittings, allowing your dress to be tailored around your new shape.

Sweetheart Corsets - Couture WeddingSweetheart Corsets

The sweetheart corset is an overbust style which has the beautiful ‘Sweetheart’ curve across the top of the cleavage. Slightly more modest than a normal overbust corset and ideal for shapelier busts, the curve can be altered to scoop or softened to a wave – the choice is yours.

Traditional Victorian Steel Boned CorsetsVictorian Corsets

The traditional Victorian corset is what many people imagine bridal corsetry to be. Our corsets are supported with over seven metres of spiral steel boning, encasing your body beautifully, but still allowing you movement without feeling ‘trussed up’. We have been creating these corsests for years, but we are often asked to put a modern, alternative twist on the bridal corset – in a way that only ACSW can do.

Vintage Style Corsets 20's, 30's, 40's, 50'sVintage Couture

From the glamour of the 40s and 50s, Hollywood icons to Rockabilly, we have made corsets¬† and wedding gowns from every era. Be as retro as you like; just don’t go too far back: we struggle to source whale bone!

Alternative Bridal Gowns and Wedding DressesAlternative Wedding Dresses

Having an alternative wedding dress doesn’t necessarily mean that you envisage a ‘themed’ wedding! Alternative can just mean that you just want a twist on a modern classic, whether that be colour or details. We have produced some very interesting pieces for our brides: its your choice; its your day! From black, Tim Burton inspired weddings, to Rockabilly, to simple twists on the conventional wedding gown, we are able to turn your vaguest ideas into your dream wedding dress. Don’t be put off: if there is something you think that you would like, even if you can’t quite put it into words, just ask. Bring us pictures, or songs, or poems, or films.¬† You’ll be amazed what we can do!

Corset Bridal Gowns and Wedding DressesCorset Wedding Dresses

Corset wedding dresses create real attention. Elegant and composed, our bespoke service means that you can design your complete bridal gown around the corset detailing. Every gown we produce is a one-off. With your own spin on the design, your corset and skirt will be created from start to finish around you and will fit you like a glove. Extra pieces like cloaks, jackets and coats, as well as head pieces and veils, can be handmade to accompany your wedding gown.

Bridal Lingerie to match your corsetBridal Lingerie

What you wear under your wedding gown is to many people (almost!) as important as the dress itself. Our underwear can be twinned with your corset, perfectly matching it, to make a wedding night ensemble that you both will love.

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